Antidumpind Duty Redetermination - Citric Acid (Thailand)

Initiation of an administrative procedure for the redetermination of the antidumping duty imposed on exports of certain Thai companies of citric acid and certain salts and esters of citric acid.


4/30/20241 min read

The Brazilian Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) initiated an administrative procedure for the redetermination of antidumping duties applied to the Thai companies Cofco Biochemical (Thailand) CO., LTD. and Sunshine Biotech International CO, LTD.

According to the information presented in the petition, the antidumping duty applied to Brazilian imports of citric acid and certain salts of citric acid originating from Thailand had its effectiveness compromised, due to the decrease in prices after the application of the mentioned antidumping duty.

Producers and exporters will receive questionnaires from the Department of Commercial Defense (DECOM), which are not yet available, and will have 15 days to respond.

According to § 2 of article 157 of Decree No. 8,058, of 2013, throughout a redetermination, exporters, foreign producers, importers, and domestic producers shall have ample opportunity to clarify aspects related to the export or resale prices of the product subject to the duty in the Brazilian domestic market. For this purpose, a period of 45 days shall be granted, counted from the date of publication of the act initiating the redetermination, for interested parties to submit written comments or evidence (deadline June 14, 2024).

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