Subsidy Investigation | Optical Fiber Cables (China)

Initiated investigation of subsidies subject to compensatory measures granted to Chinese producers who exported optical fiber cables to Brazil.


6/23/20231 min read

The Secretariat of Foreign Trade of Brazil (“SECEX”) has made public the request for the reapplication of the anti-dumping duty (which is currently suspended due to public interest reasons) to Brazilian imports of textured polyester filaments, commonly classified under sub-items 5402.33.10, 5402.33.20, 5402.33.90 of the NCM (MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature), originating in China and India, through SECEX Circular No. 19, of May 30, 2023.

The suspended anti-dumping duties, for Chinese producers and exporters range from US$/t 57,85 to US$/t 585,70.

Interested parties have 30 days (until 30 June, 2023) to comment on the request for reapplication of the anti-dumping duty.

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